Thursday, December 08, 2011

getting our christmas tree

saturday we went to a local tree farm to cut down our christmas tree.  it was a gorgeous day, and we had fun selecting the perfect tree. 

no tree farm is complete without an old caboose, right?  it made for a nice picture, anyway. 

when we got it home, we noticed a male model walking by.  we asked him to help us carry our tree into the house, and we snapped this picture of him.  clearly he must do some weightlifting. 

and here are the boys in front of the finished product, wearing their new christmas glasses, which, when used to look at the lights on the tree, display hundreds of little snowmen or santas.  it's beginning to look alot like christmas!


Mrs. Milinovich said...

Wow. That male model reminds me of someone I know!

greg. said...

interesting. i had no idea who he was, but he had disarmingly good looks and charisma to boot...