Monday, November 21, 2011

giving thanks: a poem of appreciating each moment

all these moments, falling by,
latent with unspoken treasure:
precious, precious.
gratitude gives me grace
to enjoy this life-rich river,
flowing by, abundant
and teeming with the limitless now
and joy and hope and
the very heartbeat of it all.

but busyness, or looking forward
and looking back, or
discontent, or longing,
or all that speaks lies into my life,
untruths of wanting or needing or uncompleteness -
all these ungraceful urges
breed forgetfulness. 
i am numb with pleasure,
over stimulated and under appreciating.
i am ungrateful. 
i am blessed but broken. 

yet even now
i am repenting for my relentless restlessness.
i am dipping my toes in the water. 
i am trying to lean in close,
to listen to the heartbeat of it all,
to tap in time. 
i am giving thanks,
even as the moments move by.

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