Wednesday, November 02, 2011

cross stitched

we have a dear and generous friend from the first church where i served in toms river, new jersey, who has blessed us with a beautiful cross stitched handmade gift at the birth of each of our three children.  i would NEVER be able to make something that looks so clean and neat, and i think they just look really fun and whimsical.  we've hung each one as we've received it, and just last week we received our third to complete the collection.  it's already hanging in quin's room, and i thought we'd share the whole collection with you.  sorry about the angle on the first two, but they are hung up high, and i didn't feel like taking them down just to take the picture. 

i like how each one ends with an owl and a nest.  thanks, Gail, for these wonderful pieces, which will be cherished in our family for many, many years. 

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julie said...

these are beautiful. i love that "art" can be many in forms... a collage with items in no particular order (seemingly) or a counted cross-stitch. what a blessing to have these!