Thursday, October 27, 2011

steelers recap (a bit late)

thursday seems a bit late for a reaction to sunday's steelers game against the cardinals, but, what can i say?  i've finally got around to doing it. 

the picture above was just my way of celebrating not only the steelers important road win over pittsburgh west arizona, but also the ravens monday night debacle which put the steelers into first place in the division. 

antonio brown, the second year receiver, has been coming up big for the steelers this year, and is clearly a comfortable target for roethlisberger.  it's really great to see his maturation, and it seems to me that his upside is amazing.  this one-handed reach catch on sunday was spectacular. 

 i just loved this picture of troy, so i turned it into a poster.

i absolutely love this picture.  it is from sunday's game in arizona, and in this particular view, i don't think you can see one cardinal fan.  there is nothing - NOTHING - like steeler nation. 

mike wallace.  the golden stripe.  that's not really his nickname, but i just made it up.  he sort of looks like a gold blur, running down the sideline, so, yeah. 

there's been lots of talk about woodley's huge contract in the offseason, and how he didn't seem to be living up to expectations early in the season.  well, woodley stopped that talk quickly with some stellar defensive play in the last few games.  he looks to be back in form as an intimidating force on the left side of the steelers defense, and opposing quarterbacks should be paying close attention.  are you listening, tom brady? 

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