Saturday, October 22, 2011

saturday song: just breathe

last night our pbs station was showing the new cameron crowe-directed documentary about pearl jam called "pearl jam twenty" which celebrates the band's first 20 years.  not many bands that started in 1991 are still together today, and none of them can say that they've called their own shots over their career the way pearl jam has.  because of their determination to be true to themselves, they've truly got an interesting story within the context of a music world typically run by huge corporations. 

when thinking of pearl jam, even twenty years later, most people think of the grunge movement out of seattle in the early '90's, along with nirvana.  there is a sense that pearl jam is somehow stuck in the past, but to assume that is to be completely unfair to a group of artists who was continually redefined themselves amidst enormous pressure within the music business.  i've had a love/hate relationship with pearl jam since 1992, liking most of their music, but not always being thrilled with their particular views or the way they express them.  and yet i've always had such tremendous respect for their passion, their artistry, and their continued growth over the years.

so, for this saturday song, a recent pearl jam song about making sure we let the people we love know that we love them.  tell them.  and show them. 


Crafty P said...

still love PJ.
I will have to keep my eyes peeled for them to show that documentary again!
I love the satellite radio station dedicated to all things pearl jam.
they remind me of college. of happy drives late at night with a good friend.

Greg C. said...

It's a tough biz but too few artists are willing to follow their own muse like Pearl Jam. Love the clip but could do w/o the strings!
In the film when they were talking about hooking up with Neil Young it reminded me that I have Mirror was like I got a new CD in the mail!

julie said...

We watched part of this last week and DVR'd the rest. Neither of us are HUGE fans of the group, but it was a very interesting show...we were quite riveted. I do love his voice.