Tuesday, October 04, 2011

how i get through this day

it's still grey and rainy here.  it feels like london spent the night with seattle, had a little too much to drink and decided just to stay in bed this morning.  looks like the sun is taking another sick day today. 

of course, it doesn't help my mood that the yankees lost again last night.  and that i sacrificed time i could have spent sleeping watching them strike out repeatedly.  my outlook on life in general diminished on each successive strike, and yet i couldn't stop watching.  when i finally did sleep, it mostly felt like a short pause in between reliving the agony.  i keep trying to listen really closely to see if i can hear mark texiera and alex rodriguez begging God to remind them how to hit a baseball.  so far, nothing.   

so, yeah, it's going to be that kind of day. 

but, when i start to feel like this day would be better spent watching all three extended films in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy while dozing in and out of sleep, i will simply look at the picture below, and the sun will suddenly break through the clouds and all will be well. 

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Mary said...

adoreable. that would brighten any day.