Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween, 2011!

happy halloween from the milinovich family.  as you can see, we've got a little buzz lightyear, and a skeleton (who hastens to add that he has glowing eyes, but you're just going to have to take my word on that).  we carved pumpkins in the snow on saturday, and took these pictures yesterday, since tonight will be kind of crazy (and probably getting dark) between eating mummy dogs, getting costumes on, and trick-or-treating.  enjoy some pictures of our halloween-y (love that word) weekend. 

our little lobsty.  we bought this costume a few weeks ago.  and wouldn't you know?  it doesn't fit the little pudger now.  couldn't stuff his chubby arms into the sleeves, and his legs just barely fit into it.  poor guy was stiff as a board in there, so we softened him up in a pot of water. 

above:  cade's lightning mcqueen on the left (made by mommy), and mommy's owl on the right
below:  daddy's bulldog on the left, and jack's face on the right (made mostly by jack)


Emoly said...

those are some spectacular jack-o'-lanterns!

And oh my goodness that little lobster of yours is adorable.

I told everyone had we lived closer to you we would have had a Buzz Lightyear to compliment our costumes...

Jack needs to eat more (because of his bones... j/k bad joke. Hopefully you're used to it by now)

Mary said...

They look wonderful! Can I just say that a simple tweak of an eyebrow certainly changes the look of dear little Cade! I hardly recognized him at first! I had trouble recognizing jack too ;) I love the lobster and the pumpkins :o) Hope trick or treating is fun tonight!

Crafty P said...

I agree with Mary- wow! that eyebrow trick is amazing. He looks MUCH older, too.

amazing pumpkins.

we did not do that at all. no pumpkin guts here. or seeds to roast (yet).

peggy said...

Love the photographs of your family and love "watching" the boys grow up! Mr. Cade is looking much like you ... especially with the enhanced eyebrows! Love Jack's "bones", and please take Quinton out of that pot! Happy Halloween!

greg. said...

thanks, all. hope you all had happy halloweens, as well.

interesting to hear that with giant black eyebrows, cade looks like me. ummm...thanks?

oh, and peggy, i was super surprised not to hear any bulldog comments regarding my jack-o-lantern.