Saturday, September 17, 2011

saturday song: autumn and nick drake edition

well, while it is technically not autumn yet, the weather doesn't seem to be aware of the calendar's restrictions, and we've been experiencing all the telltale signs of fall here in central pa: crisp morning air; leaves beginning to turn, and dunkin' donuts selling pumpkin coffee (it's exquisite, seriously). 

fall is my favorite season.

there's just something about the combination of that crunchy chill, cider and football that appeals to my soul in a very profound way.  and while i can be a pretty fun guy (not a mushroom), i am drawn to the melancholy of autumn in a way i can't quite explain.  and so for saturday song, i thought i would introduce you to one of my favorite musicians of melancholy, the legend nick drake.  drake was british, and died in 1974, tragically, at the age of 26.  while he had a basically comfortable life, it was clear that drake never really felt comfortable in his own skin as a performer and really struggled with that.  that being said, he loved life and wrote and sang about it in delicate, tender, and beautiful ways.  he only recorded a handful of projects, but he's worth checking out if you enjoy beauty.  check out this song, "from the morning" as an example.  and happy autumn!

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Crafty P said...

sigh. love his voice. thanks for introducing me to him years ago.

loving this weather but need some fall-ish clothes and a sassy new steeler shirt to wear every week- found a tutorial on pinterest to transform a t-shirt into a maternity shirt! yay, but alas, I need to get my packing done and start house hunting. ;)