Friday, September 30, 2011

playoff time photo fun

before reading this post, hit the play button above.  it will be the soundtrack for what's below.

here is shannon and quin, looking on from the dugout.

and here is jackson, who will be on the mound tonight in yankee stadium, with his infamous and intimidating "smile over the glove." 

here i am, making one of my patented moves, throwing out a speedy baserunner.

and here is caedmon, who starred in his own children's movie about baseball, called "everyone's hero." 

and without further ado, here are the authentically cute ones, featuring quinton as he gets pshyched for the playoffs.  enjoy!  and go yankees!  tame the tigers!


cathyq said...

That is one cute, chubby ball player! I think he needs to hit the gym to get in shape for the playoffs!

greg. said...

hahaha....he's already in shape: round!