Tuesday, September 27, 2011

nacho macho man

a few weekends ago shannon and the boys traveled down to delaware to visit her brother and their awesome family.  uncle shawn took jack and cade fishing, and you can see here how they did.  it's a sad but true reality that if my boys want to go fishing they have to go with their uncle.  i can't catch a fish unless it's between two buns and covered in tartar sauce.  mmmmmmmm.....tartar sauce. 

don't know why i'm really not into fishing.  i guess it's because it takes time and i'd rather be spending that time re-watching old steeler games for the 47th time.  plus, you have to either get in a boat, or stand on a muddy bank.  i guess if i could go fishing from the comfort of my own mancave, that'd be different.  additionally, fishing requires hooks and wires and something called lures and it all starts to sound a little too much like tools and manly macho stuff that makes me feel like i'd rather just curl up with some chocolate and a good novel.  i am most certianly nacho macho man. 

speaking of what a sissy i am, have you seen that google commercial where the dad is writing emails to his little girl?  o.my.gosh.  makes me cry like a baby everytime.  every dang time. 

who cries at commercials?  it's ridiculous.  it a manipulative tool that is designed to make you feel like you need to buy something, so that a bunch of rich people can get even richer.  and yet all you have to do is throw in some combination of the following and i'm sobbing like a heartbroken 13-year old:
love notes from parents to kids
emotionally charged music of just about any sort.  (with the right music, a banking commercial could make me cry). 
the line: "when you care enough to send the very best"
cute dogs
that five for fighting song about getting older

just typing this list is making me all misty. 

it's okay.  i'm fine with it.  mr. rogers taught me that it's okay to show my emotions.  ahh...i love mr. rogers.  i miss mr. rogers.  i'm sobbing again.  where's my chocolate?

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Emoly said...

thanks for the laughs, oddly enough. It's good to know I'm not the only one crying while staring at the tv. Although I have a better excuse than you, but I love your "nacho macho man" title. Classic and I only have tears in my eyes from laughing so much.