Friday, September 16, 2011

list of loves

some of the things i love right now:

watching a movie on a thursday night
the smell of a 6-week old's head
catching up with an dear friend
the anticipation of beginning a new book
the crispness of the morning
dunkin' donuts pumpkin coffee
people in the media writing off the steelers
singing loudly in the car
the spicy smells of autumn
sweater vests (in fact, a friend and i are conspiring to open a strictly sweater-vest clothing store, thinking of calling it "vested interest."  any investors out there want to take a chance on us?  our motto is: "you just show up, we'll take care of the vest."  you know you would shop there.)
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Emoly said...

hahaha, I do not own any sweater vests, yet I would happily purchase my first one from your store. Please let me know if/when they are available. How is Shannon at knitting?