Friday, September 02, 2011

let's check out how my thursday night went, shall we?


the much anticipated debut of uber-prospect jesus montero didn't turn out to be all that exciting as far as personal accolades, but couldn't have gone any better from a team perspective. 
winning a game and a series?  that's great.
gaining a game in the standings into a virutal tie for first place in the division?  that's fantastic.
going to boston and beating the bloody socks?  that's priceless. 

now how about the steelers? 

in the final preseason game of the year, the steelers beat the carolina panthers 33-17, but more importantly, they didn't sustain any significant injuries, and gained a game-full of film to watch to make some tough decisions over the next couple of days about who will be on the roster, and who will be looking for a job selling insurance.  here's hoping that they make the right decsions. 

of course, i couldn't watch either of these games, listening to the yankees on my computer and listening to the steelers on the radio, while following the fans' reaction to both on twitter.  being a sports fan sometimes requires me to be a really good multi-tasker! 

i hope your weekend is as good as my thursday night was!  peace.

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