Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i fought the law (who was wearing a fake moustache)

anyone who has had children probably knows the law of deferred attention: how you - the parent - then become the least important person in the whole family system.  whereas before, when your parents used to come see you and give you a hug and find out what's new in your life, interactions with your parents are now limited to handing them the baby and them vaguely thanking you for giving them grandchildren (but not with eye contact: they wouldn't dare break their loving gaze/stare at chubby mcChubberson who just vomited breast milk all over grandmas arms and shirt, resulting in praise and admiration, "awwwww...he's SOOOOOO cute" and so forth). 

this is true of blogs, as well.  i have a whole audience of readers who used to be interested in the actual words of the blog.  now, each entry is a complete and utter failure unless accompanied by pictures of quinton.  and the pictures are all that matter.  i could write a lengthy post about my new obsession with piercings and how it corresponds to all the experimental drugs i've been taking while juggling loaded firearms, but as long as it also included a picture of quin, i would get comments like, "so cute...can't wait to hold him again" and "BEST POST EVER!!!!"  yep.  the law of deferred attention.  i fought the law, and the law won. 

this little small(ish) dude has stolen my spotlight.

and rightly so, of course.  but still, he could pass a little credit my way, you know?  i mean, where would he be without me?  i think you know exactly where.  he'd be square in the limelight and not listening to me complain about it.  stinkin' little sheriff.  go ahead and stare at him.  if you need me (doubtful) you know where to find me:  i'll be in the armory practicing my juggling.


GAIL aUER said...

OMG - he is getting so big and changing everytime I see a new picture of him. Cute as cute can be (and so are you Daddy Sheriff)

Greg C. said...

Well I've always been a fan of the Clash's version of I fought the law...for what that's worth. (He is darned cute though!)

cathyq said...

What in the heck are you feeding that sherif? Wow, he is growing like crazy. I cannot wait to squeeze those cheeks. Sorry Greg, but that's "the law"! Babies trump all. Still love you though, and I would notice if you were juggling firearms.