Wednesday, September 21, 2011

how great is our God

this last sunday i preached a sermon about how big our God is: the power and preeminence of God.  it was a fun sermon to preach, but rather than share it here, i wanted to share another sermon that i heard given by a guy named louis giglio.  i've never done this here on the blog before, and i don't expect many of you to really watch it all, but if you do, i think you'll find it worth it.  i don't know much about louis giglio, and so i can't really speak to his overall theology, and i can't even say i agree with everything he says here, but the overall point about the magnificence of God, and the very cool way he makes that point, is well worth the view.  there are 5 videos here which together make up the whole sermon (almost 45 minutes, in total).  God is so amazing. 

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Emoly said...

Is this the one with the planets, if earth were the size of a golf ball? Because I've seen that one and it's amazing...!