Tuesday, August 02, 2011

one week old

if you're tuning in today for some commentary on the national debt, or my reaction to the steelers free agency moves, or even some inspirational meditation, sorry.  you're getting baby pictures.  that's just how it is around here for a little while. 

at least for now it feels like the world has a new axis: it revolves around quin.  as it should be.  c'mon, it's only been a week!

he's doing really well.  he is sleeping 2-4 hours at a time at night.  he is so good during the day (we have barely heard him cry - only when we change his diaper or his clothes.  otherwise he is so content) and even during his alert time he is just content to look around and take it all in.  we've never had such a quiet and content baby.  he is eating well and certainly all the plumbing is working very efficiently.  also, the cuteness readings are off the charts, so what else can i do?  shameless procession of pictures follow. 

just a couple of days old here.  still not sure about things.

the first night he was home.  everyone in their "brothers" shirts.

jack loves holding quin.  he is very cautious and affectionate. 

cade is not quite so cautious, but showers him with nonstop kisses.  also, he pets him like a dog.

quin thinks i rock. 


alert in meemaw's arms. 

our sleeping monkey.  so cute.


Crafty P said...

please keep the pictures flowing. I'd much rather see an adorable new baby boy than read about the national debt. Steeler talk is acceptable though. ;)

smooches on that adorable new Quin

Happy said...

He's quite a cutie patootie, Greg and Shannon! I love the monkey outfit! Too cute!

Glad week one is going well and being savored and enjoyed!