Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a milk moustache, skunk spray and other fantastic fits of fatherhood

 - yep, it's random wednesday time.  welcome back to the steam-of-consciousness ramblings of agent orange records.

-last night i woke up to the sound of quin crying and  the strong odor of a skunk.  i don't mean that it smelled like someone ran over a skunk outside, i mean it smelled like a skunk sat on my chest and aimed his little sprayer right up my left nostril.  this  morning i walked around the house, certain i would find a family of skunks lying on the mulch by the bushes, spent with exhaustion from spraying every inch of the house last night.  but i found no such thing.  it didn't even smell anymore.  i asked shannon if i dreamt it, and she said she smelled it too.  weird.  possible explanations?  skunk stalker?  my own breath?  help!

- i finished reading "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" which i borrowed from the library (actually, i technically rented it because i had to pay 50 cents to 'borrow' it, so the library could continue to offer such friendly and pleasant service).  it was worth the 50 cents.  it was a page turner from beginning to (almost) end.  it slowed down a bit in the last 40 pages, but i still really enjoyed it as the payoff to the whole series.  i absolutely LOVE the strong female characters and the conflicted nature of almost character in the story.  at times it felt a bit like pulp fiction, but the story was so well told that it was able to rise far above the profane nature of much of the language and activity of the characters.  good stuff.

-oh yes, a baby story.  last night i was finishing the last chapters of my book, and i was holding quinton in my arms as he was falling to sleep, but seemed to be fighting it a bit.  he had his pacifier in his mouth, and would spit it out from time to time, which would result in irritation on his part.  my hands being full of a tiny human and a large book, i couldn't hardly keep the pacifier in his mouth, except by using my mouth.  this i did.  the last time i did it, though, with my mouth a mere millimeter from his, he spewed like a warm milk geyser, all over my face and, yes, inside my mouth. 

-just finished reading "fantastic mr. fox" to jack and cade as bedtime reading.  i love roald dahl stories.  is the movie worth seeing? 

-been listening to a band called deer tick.  particularly the "black dirt sessions."  they've got a very interesting song called "christ jesus" which seems to be filled with such questioning and doubt, a painfully genuine despair, and perhaps - just perhaps - a hint of hope.  in fact the whole album feels that way to maybe there is something worth believing in the midst of all the pain.  i love it when art tells the Truth in a way that nothing else can. 

-one of the teenagers in my church and i will be playing/singing a foo fighters song in church on sunday.  it's called 'february stars' and it will be interesting to see how some of the more traditionalists will respond.  the kid has a fantastic voice and really puts it all out there when he sings.  i'm sure some would rather hear "the old rugged cross" on the organ for the 12,000th time. oh well.

-the first nfl preseason games start friday night.  i don't care that they count for anything...i'm getting stoked.  black and yellow.  yeah, you know what it is.

-just watched "tangled" with the family the other night.  i was surprised how much i liked it.  and as i type this i realize how pathetically 'fathered' i am:  fantastic mr. fox, tangled, and spit-up in my goatee?  we've come a long way, baby.  geesh.

-well, happy wednesday.  cling to hope today.  don't get too upset by the dow or flustered by fox news.  just remember who is One who walks with us even through the valley of the shadow of death, who has planned for us a future and a hope, and who is a heavenly Father with all the wild joy and tender love that implies. 


knit one, knit two said...

Fantastic mr fox is a wonderful movie. Haven't read the book yet but I bought it plus a bunch of Roald Dahl books @ borders going out of business sale.

Emoly said...


finally. yes I am.

And I just wanted to share what I told Bill last night as the news was discussing the horrible stock market, "I don't care. We don't have any money, so we didn't lose anything."

How's that for a positive attitude?

Not quite what you were looking for? Oh well. At least it wasn't skunk smell or spit-up (you're a good father -not sarcastic, serious. You're amazing for not puking back on your baby and for doing your best to keep him "pacified")