Friday, August 26, 2011

make slime: our summer crossed off in dry erase

i have an awesome wife, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she is an awesome mom.  this post is evidence of that fact.  the picture above is a photo of a framed picture in our house, under glass.  it is a fun list of all the things we wanted to do this summer, which she put together.  it is under glass because the kids could then use a dry erase marker to cross everything off once it was completed. 

i guarantee that, left to my own devices, i wouldn't have done something like this.  and even if i had, it would have been full of things like:
go to steelers training camp
watch at least 50 yankee games
watch each of the 6 steelers superbowl wins
and so on. 

but not shannon.  she made an awesome list.  it includes things like:
go camping
make slime
ice paint
make a pet rock
watch fireworks
make glue prints
play in the sprinkler
catch a lighting bug
play in the ocean
tie dye t-shirts
go to the zoo
turn lemons into lemonade
have a water balloon fight
have ice cream for dinner
and many more.

how awesome is that?  now that summer is over for us, as school has started for both boys, we have this great little framed journal that reminds us of so many of the fun and interesting things we did as a family this summer. 

as an example, these are the ice paints that shannon made with the boys:

and here are some pics of the boys using them:

and some of the finished products:

so, as you can see, we've had a fun and fascinating summer, full of new additions and old traditions (going to cape may, going camping at knoebels).  we've tried new things (making slime!) and rediscovered timeless joys (catching fireflies, growing a garden).  hopefully,  we've grown together as a family, learned a ton, and lived out a love that will continue to shape and form us in the seasons to come.  we've been beyond blessed, and we celebrate that as we move into the much more disciplined schedule of the school year.  more on that tomorrow.

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