Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of school, 2011

well, we've started another year of school.  both boys have started their respected grades, and now we've already come to our first monday of the year.  it is, predictably, sleepy.  still, it's been a great first few days, and although mommy and daddy were very nervous about jack starting first grade at a whole new school this year, he seems to be doing really well and wanting to go back each day.  i think his favorite part is that he gets to ride the bus in the morning. 

cade is back for his second year of preschool at the same school he went to last year, so he is feeling pretty comfortable there.  looks like it will be a good year for him to learn all sorts of new things. 

and left at home, it's shannon and quinton and i.  i'm looking forward to all the things that we will learn together this year, and all the ways we will grow as students and as a family.  to see the letter i wrote to my boys at the beginning of the school year last year, .click here.  and remember: never stop learning!


Emoly said...

oh my goodness, Jack looks like he grew a foot taller!!! Was it the angle of the camera, or is he indeed tall?

Glad to hear he likes school, how does Cade feel about his school?

greg. said...

cade is going to the same school, so it really isn't new at all. he seems to feel the same about it as last year: somewhat ambiguous. we were more concerned about jack since it was a brand new school (in a whole different town) with a new teacher and new classmates (for the second straight year).

both seem to be doing really well.

and i don't think he's that much taller, but it's hard for me to gauge. maybe he'll be dunking a basketball soon. ;)