Saturday, July 30, 2011

saturday song: peer gynt, morning mood

i'm very excited to share this saturday song with you, as it is now quite a special piece of music to me.  during shannon's long day of labor we listened to a variety of music (owl city, she and him, bing crosby with rosemary clooney, and then, as it appeared things were getting closer, i switched my ipod over to a playlist of more relaxing classical music.  this continued right up to the birth, and for the most part it was just background noise, until right as Quinton was emerging into this wild wide world.  just as shannon was doing the final push, the ipod went to this part of peer gynt, called morning mood.  and i'm not making this up - i promise - that just as the piece entered its crescendo, quin was fully born and laid on his mother's chest while we all cried like babies (except Quin).  it was a beautiful moment that was given its own beautiful natural soundtrack.  the moment of his birth occured right around the :50 second mark.  enjoy!

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DD said...

So neat and so appropriate for you guys. very happy for all of you. Good luck with that defensive strategy :) You'll have some time to prepare for that.
Love and blessings. Diane