Saturday, July 16, 2011

saturday song: july

now that i'm back in the swing of this blogging thing, i'm back to offering up some saturday songs.  this week, since we are in the thick of july, i thought i'd share this song called "july" from a great band from pennsylvania, called the innocence mission.  they are one of my favorite artists to chill out to, and i think you'll see why.  once again, this video is just something that someone put with the music and put on you tube, so it is not an official video.  just some weird looking waterfalls flowing backwards.  but the song is excellent.  lyrics below. 

This barren July

We both wake up so dry

That no more tears can leave us.

And all we've found

Are roads we can't go down,

Eyes on a day we can't see.

I hope it comes.

I hope that water comes

And drenches us in our clothes.

The world at night

Has seen the greatest light.

Too much light to deny.

You never know,

You never really know.

And you can't have people figured out.

One friend came in

Out of nowhere, with lit

Sparklers in both her hands for me,

And saved the day

When I had run away

To envy and black feelings.

And the world at night

Could see the greatest light.

Too much light to deny.

July, July,

The man I love and I

Will lift our heads together.

July, July,

I've seen the greatest light.

To much light to deny.

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