Saturday, July 23, 2011

saturday song: baby baby

well, for your saturday song on this day - our official due date - i give you a song with the title that describes our reality right now: baby baby.  if you're an old school christian pop fan then this video is more than just a simple love song in which amy grant looks like she raided the wardrobe room of "friends."  it is actually an important part of the process of "crossover" not just for amy grant's career, but for Christian pop music.  depending on which side of that you are on, this is either groundbreaking or the start of a slippery slope.  either way, nothing beats watching her roll an orange across the floor (is there anything more romantic than that?) and wear knee lenngth, shoulder-padded jackets. 

baby, baby. 

ps.  if we don't go into labor this weekend, the induction is scheduled for monday morning, for those wanting to know. 


Emoly said...

oh my. Amy Grant. I never thought of her as the crossover, but I suppose you're right.

On the inducing note, my friend Alex, who had been on bed rest since March, and was due the 11th; was induced on Friday and after pushing for seven minutes had her third baby. Can't wait to find out the name!!!

greg. said...

let's hope for such an easy delivery!

oh,and amy grant's "baby baby" was BY FAR the most successful any CCM (contemporary christian music) had been on the pop radio charts. not sure if it's been surpassed by now or not, but she was absolutely crossover with that song. now that i'm thinking of it, i'm pretty sure sixpence none the richer's "kiss me" probably passed her by, if not a few others. still, this was a watershed moment for christian music. some think it was great, blurring the lines that had kept christian music behind a curtain. others thought it was something akin to selling our collective souls to the devil. either way, this cheesy little song had a big impact on how the Christian subculture interacted with the culture at large, at least musically speaking.