Friday, July 29, 2011

a new defensive strategy

just an update here from the milinovich house.  the mighty quin is doing great in his new home, sleeping, eating and pooping (the big three).  his one set of grandparents just left and his other ones just arrived, so he is getting held all the time and if i had even a penny for every kiss he's received so far, i'd be very rich.  of course, not really as rich as i am, what with three beautiful sons.  the older two have done well with the adjustment so far, but i'm interested to see what kind of roadbumps we run into once the novelty wears off.  thankfully, this is vbs week, so it's giving them something to do away from the baby-kissing zone. 

just wanted to say thank you again to all of you for the many prayers and well-wishes you've sent our way this week.  we've been so touched by all of them, and feel very loved and supported as we begin this new journey. 

and it really is a new journey.  i figure that when you are raising two children you can run an effective man-to-man defense.  if one kid spreads green paint all over their naked body, one parent can work on cleaning it up while the other parent deals with the other child, who has just climbed into the toilet and gotten stuck.  no problem.  you deal with that one, i'll deal with this one.  we'll wash the towels and we'll be done with it.  but if you add another kid to that mix, who is screaming at the top of his lungs in a tone that would frighten beelzebub, who is supposed to take care of that child? 

that's why having three children requires a whole new defensive philosophy.  you have to go to a zone defense, in which one parent has to keep an eye on two kids while the other parent cleans the peanut butter and maple syrup off of the third one's hair. 

see what i mean?   so, we're honing our skills and studying our playbooks as we prepare for this whole new ballgame.  it's going to be fun. 

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Emoly said...

did Cade really get stuck in the toilet when Jack covered himself in green paint?? Somehow I missed that part of the story. Classic.

ps: I have numbers of parents who have three boys if you're interested...