Thursday, July 14, 2011

my father's day 2011

i'm about to become a father for the third time, and it reminded me that i should share with you my own father's day joy from this year. 

i love being a father.  there's no question about that.  i hope it works out well for my kids, but it sure has worked out brilliantly for me: i have learned so much about myself, my God, my belief in love, my hope for the future, my wife, my parents and this world we live in just from trying to be a dad to these two boys.  it is truly an adventure, and while there are moments when i really wish i didn't have to deal with some of the details of it, there are other moments that just take my breath away with their holy grace and their unexpected joy.  father's day, then, is a nice little day not only for me to reflect on all of that, but also for my kids to do something to say that i'm not the worst dad, after all.  it was icing on the cake that this year father's day was during our vacation to cape may, nj.  we had an amazingly peaceful vacation, which i'm sure i'll write more about at some other time, but it was really neat to get to spend dad's day with my dad, and with my kids on vacation. 

shannon had interviewed the boys about me, and i thought i would scan in the results and leave them here for you to see.  here is what my boys think about me.....enjoy.

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cathyq said...

I love how young you are! These are so fun. How interesting to see how they see you. Now we can't wait to see the next one. Hurry baby, come soon!