Friday, July 22, 2011


well, today is the 22nd of july, which means, first of all that it is my gorgeous neice's first birthday (happy birthday, amelia!), but it also means that we are expecting a birth in our family anytime now.  our due date is tomorrow, july 23rd, and so we are ready to roll.  we've got our bags packed.  shannon found a helpful list that had all the things for the parents to bring to the hospital.  the list for the woman was about 47 items long.  the list for the daddy?  deodorant.  toothpaste/toothbrush.  that was it.  not even a change of clothes.  i guess the dad is an afterthought by this point. 

but we've been thinking plenty about all of this.  we say we're ready, but as i sat here in a dark and quiet house last night after everyone else was sleeping, i wondered if we're really ready for the screeching sound of a screaming child to fill our hallway.  ready or not....

here are some recent pics of the glowing mommy:

and now we have 1 day left.  one day!  shannon's been late both times before (she's always late, but that's a different story), so we have no reason to expect this to be different.  they will probably induce her sometime early next week.  but one way or another, this baby is close to joining this crazy world. 

can't wait to meet you, little guy.  to hold your tiny trembling body and smell your soft head.  can't wait to be among the first of many in your life to assure you that it's going to be alright.  can't wait to hold you close to my chest so you can feel the warmth and the closeness.  can't wait to change your terribly rank diapers every 15 minutes.  okay, that i can wait for, but the rest, well, it'll all be worth it.  you've got a strange dad you're about to meet, two very energetic older brothers, and an amazing mommy, and you'll find that no one could love you like we do.  you'll be adored, little man.  so come on and join us.  we've got to clean you off and show you around, not to mention give you a name and take a bazillion pictures of you.  your'e going to love it.  and so are we.  see you soon. 


Your coolest aunt, Julie said...


We all want to meet you!

cathyq said...

Hurry Hurry. We're waiting!