Monday, July 25, 2011

birth day

well, the day is finally here.  Christmas in july?  yes, but that's not what i'm thinking of.  today is the day our baby boy will discover both the shock of air in the lungs and the comfort of a warm embrace paired with a million kisses on the head.  today is birth day.  today i'll be doing my best not to pass out in the hospital while shannon tries to give birth to a human being.  hey, we each have our mountains to climb, right?  anyway, we hope to have some pictures and stories to share with you soon, but in the meantime i'll use twitter or facebook to keep you updated, so stay tuned if you really want to know how many inches shannon's cervix is dialated and other bits of TMI. 

happy christmas in july to us, as we recieve the greatest gift we could possibly imagine. 

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Twana Milem said...

The miracle of birth---words can not express fully the moments, the!
Many blessings to your family!!!!