Saturday, June 18, 2011

a week off

i want to say a huge thank you to all my regular readers from all over the country, and wherever you follow along with the goings-ons of the milinovich family.  you surprise me with how you stick with me through my long seasons of steelers fanaticism, novice artistic attempts, and ramblings about what i'm learning to believe.  i have been blessed by your comments, your encouragement, your challenges, and your frequent "amens!".  thank you. 

all of that being said, i am taking a week or so off from the sometimes burdensome responsibility of writing.  i'm hoping to refresh my spirit a bit, and come back recharged.  blog experts will tell you never to do this, as it will cause you to lose all your momentum in terms of readership and numbers and all of that.  but i have never really cared too much for numbers and such.  i just write because i need to.  because it helps me make sense of this beautifully broken world, and because i am most myself (or who i feel i was created to be) when i'm writing and creating and asking questions.  so i will keep on doing those things.  i simply need a sabbath of sorts. 

i'm hoping to breath some fresh air.  to hear some birds sing.  to get lost in a book or two.  to fall asleep with my headphones on.  to take a walk, my feet striking the pavement to the tempo of a dave brubeck experiment.  to see something magical in the clouds, and drown a bit in the laughter of my children. 

catch you on the flipside. 

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Emoly said...

that's awesome, but if you and Bill both don't return, I'm calling the blog hospital... or whomever is going to come and remind you to blog!!! Have fun! Make memories! See you on the flip side...