Tuesday, June 07, 2011

want "eat" for yourself?

i finished this collage (technically it should be called an assemblage) last week, and posted here on the blog.  i had several comments from folks who really liked it and some who were interested in having me make another one.  so i've decided to do this.  since it is a labor-intensive project, and requires the purchase of some materials, i am offering myself to be commissioned to make a collage like the one above for you.  here are the details:

you tell me what color(s) you would prefer, and i will make something pretty similar to one i've made above.  i will charge $100 in order to cover both the cost of materials (canvas, glue, paints, etc) and my time.  if nobody takes this offer that's fine, or if 10 people do, that's fine, too.  just leave a comment here or email me and i will get started as soon as i can. 

as always, i continue to appreciate the support many of you have given me in terms of my art and creativity.  learning to glue things together in a way that not only interests and intrigues me, but also speaks to others and rings with a certain truth and cosmos (to borrow an idea from madeline l'engle) has been an incredible journey.  i hope that i have only just begun this journey, and i appreciate those who have journeyed along, in your own way.  i'm fascinated to see where it leads, and determined to enjoy each step along the way. 

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