Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday song: the world exploded into love

i've had this song on my ipod for some time as it appeared in some soundtrack that i have.  it's by a guy named bob schneider, whom i know nothing about, but i do know that everytime this song comes up on shuffle it stops me in my tracks.  it is closely connected (in my mind and heart) to the post i wrote yesterday about God making everything glorious.  sometimes the world just seems to be exploding into love.  yes, it is full of broken bits and detritus of every sort, and we might be quick to characterize the eras by various wars and bombs, but there is also this sense that love is the real rhythm of the universe and it's pulse is pounding out in every event and object and person and relationship.  to put it another way, sometimes the world is just too amazing for me to be able to comprehend or experience.  it is just too beautiful.  if i really see it, it'll be too much for me.  i feel like elijah, only being able to see the backside of God's glory, or like moses taking off his shoes, or isaiah realizing just how unclean he is.  i just can't believe it.  and yet believing it is exactly what i'm trying to do.  the world is exploding into love around us.  it's amazing. 

ps.  this video is dumb.  sorry.  it's the only one i could find with the original recording.  so just close your eyes and listen, or watch it if you like to see sand castles being blown up.  either way, i hope you open your eyes to Love today.  peace.

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