Wednesday, June 08, 2011

random: kryptonite and jolly rogers

-it's been awhile since i've just stream-of-consciencenessed this thing, so here goes. 

-i'm thinking i have some real work to do in terms of theological training and education for my kids.  yesterday cade (4 years old) asked me if Jesus likes kryptonite.  umm...

-last night i had the yankees/red sox game on and everytime they would show the red sox, cade and jack would make gagging noises.  at least i've given them a proper a sports education.  then, wisely, jack would add in:  i like the person who is playing, i just don't like the team.  attaboy, jack. 

-summer has officially started here in sunbury.  school ended yesterday.  jack came home with 6 banana boxes full of crayon drawings.  i'm pretty sure it is my obligation as a loving father to save every last one.  or is that my inner hoarder talking?  not sure, but what am i going to do with all these monuments to his development?  ahhhhh!

-i'm headed to my annual conference this week, which means lots of sitting, not to mention dealing with hours of robert's rules and procedures.  i may skip out early if i can find someone willing to root canals for me or gouge out my eardrums with rabies-infested raccoon claws.  anything.  please. 

-dang yankees lost to the sox.  but i was flipping back and forth to the buccos game.  anyone keeping an eye on those pirates?  they look like a different club this year, with some energy and fire and spunk.  if only the ownership can avoid the temptation to have a huge player yard sale midway through the year, they might actually finish over .500, and the city would start really falling in love again.  that would be awesome.  raise the jolly roger!

-currently listening to: an epic, no less - we are the echo of love

-currently reading:  the girl who played with fire

-currently wearing:  my minx fur bath robe, with my armani slippers.  just kidding.  you don't really want to know.

-currently eating:  protein shake.  (by the way, i'm up to 31.5 pounds lost since 1/1). 

-currently searching for: dentists able to perform immediate root canals.

-currently hoping:  that you all have a fabulous wednesday, and overcome whatever kryptonite you might come across.  peace out.

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Emoly said...

good luck at A.C. I pray that during the business portion you do not debate for twenty minutes on whether or not to continue business/petitions because of the Rules of Order, thus wasting time that could have been spent going through actual petitions... I could have used a root canal last week... but it's over now, and yours too will be over quickly. Then it's on to General Conference... oh what things are in store for us there?! (not literally, but with regards to all of these petitions)