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random: exorcisms, tires and weddings

-time for another random post.  which is just another way of saying that i am unfocused this morning.  deal with it.

-i finished reading "the girl who played with fire" the other night.  if books were rated, it would definitely be rated R, but it was quite good.  the main character, lisbeth salander is a really fascinating protagonist, and a very interesting study in morality.  this particular book was so suspenseful that i was literally sweating and shaking during the last 75 pages.  this book is the second in a series (between "the girl with the dragon tattoo" and "the girl who kicked the hornets' nest"). 

- i also watched a movie this week while i was a bachelor for the weekend. i watched "the exorcism of emily rose," and i was very intrigued.  i was worried that it would just be a shallow horror-type film with demonic elements, but it relied less on gimmicks and tricks and more on a very interesting story latent with some significant questions about the spiritual aspect of life.  do demons exist?  are they active in our lives?  can they "possess" us?  have we become comfortable explaining this away with science?  all sorts of good and interesting questions arise from this film, and although it could be terrifying to some people, i would recommend viewing it because it doesn't spoon feed any answers: it leaves room for you to explore it yourself.  it is based on a true story, by the way. if anyone wants to borrow the dvd, i'd be happy to mail it to you (or hand it to you, if you're local). 

-discovered a slow leak in one of our tires.  getting it repaired has turned into getting 4 new tires.  so, i just exchanged jackson's freshman year of college for 4 rubber circles.  sorry, jack.  looks like an extra year of working at burger king for you. 

-congrats to my minnesota friend who is getting married this weekend, and my cousin who got married last weekend.  that's one of my favorite things about summer: weddings.  i love driving by some hot church, standing stark against the blue summer sky, surrounded by bubble-blowing friends and family in their fanciest clothes.  there is something about the pomp and circumstance of a wedding that appeals to me.  the beginning of a marriage is certainly a deserving moment for our favorite tie and jacket, or our best pumps.  we gather in the summer heat to celebrate a new beginning, an impossibly strong commitment, and the truth that there is grace in the midst of every step of the journey ahead.  congrats to both of you, and know that i celebrate with you, even though i can't be there to dominate your dance floor. 

-i have music issues.  yesterday i created a playlist for our vacation to cape may and ended up with 160 songs before i decided that was enough.  everything from mumford and sons to styx to kenny chesney is included.  just enough genres so that everyone else in my extended family can find some songs to hate. 

-weight loss update:  i have now lost 37 pounds since january 1st.  that's 15% of my weight!  even though my back pain has morphed into sciatica, and is the worst pain i've ever experienced in my life, i'm still eating healthy and making some good choices that are being reflected on the scales.  the only problem is that i am going to need a whole new wardrobe soon! 

-i finished stripping the dresser, and it looks wonderful.  unfortunately we're about to cover it in white paint so that it matches the other furniture in the baby's room.  

-have a great wednesday.  peace.


Emoly said…
I haven't blogged about it yet, but that's my "biggest" problem. Losing weight is great, but then it requires a whole new wardrobe cause nothing fits anymore.

Good for you and keep it up! Maybe it's just a better way to keep up with current fashions; instead of wearing a favorite t-shirt from high school (which I may or may not be wearing as I write this)...
greg. said…
listen, if you're still fitting into shirts you wore in high school, then you are doing better than i am!
Emoly said…
erm, well it was the 90's. Most of them were two sizes too large then, so they're still two sizes too big. :)I had the "grunge" look down. for reals yo'

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