Thursday, June 09, 2011

community farm

shannon found a great project for our family this summer, and i thought i would share with you its humble beginnings, even if that's as far as it ever gets.  penn state university sponsers a community farm in selinsgrove, pa, which is about 10-15 minutes from our home.  you basically pay a small fee and get a 30x30 plot of land to grow whatever you'd like.  since we don't have room in our yard for a garden, we thought that this would be a great idea for us to learn some things about gardening, to teach the kids about the importance of growing healthy food, and to (hopefully) get some good vegetables in the process.  so, despite some initial hiccups, we've started.  we'll see how it goes, but it's been fun already to get down there and get dirty and start caring for this little seeds and plants.  the boys are mildly interested, but these pictures represent the very best of our time there.  the rest of the time is spent finding new things to complain about (heat, cold, bugs, tired, bored, dirty, etc.). 

here is caedmon wearing my work gloves and helping mommy plant the tomatoes. 

pepper plants

the pregnant gardner in the sunset (also the title of my next book)

our humble garden, which will hopefully yeild us a few peppers, tomatoes, carrots, watermelons and more!

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Emoly said...

Did you pray over it? (I'm not trying to be snide, or snotty, or joke around. I always pray over my plants when I put them in the ground)