Thursday, June 02, 2011

at the end of the school year

as if someone accidently slipped Father Time a Red Bull, we have somehow already arrived at the end of the school year. cade already had his closing program, and jack only has 2.5 days left, including today. and then we enter that great wilderness known as summer vacation, full of sweat and popcicles, scrapes and sunblock.

but for now, before we take the final plunge into the deepend of summer, i am reflecting on the fact that our boys have now finished another year of their education. jack is nearly done with kindergarted and can read quite well. caedmon has stopped adding numbers to his ABC's, and speaks very clearly. time, and good teachers, have taught them much both in and out of classrooms over these last months, and i am (more than) blessed to be a witness.

and not only that, but i am challenged once again, both as a Father and as a human being, to keep on learning. just like i wrote to them back in september, my hope is to inspire in them the will to love learning, and to keep searching, discovering, and asking questions no matter what grace or classroom they findthemselves assigned to. the only way for me to pass that along is if it is also true for me, so today, as i look forward to a great big summer promising hot days and a new addition to our family, i commit to keep learning. i commit to rejecting the parts of me that want to think i've already figured things out or found the answers. i commit to re-discovering life in every possible way i can, tasting it's sweet nectar as it's watermelon juice runs down my chin. and i commit to making sure these boys know just how proud their daddy is of them for doing such a great job at school this year. let's keep learning!

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Emoly said...

the parents of the girl next to Cade would like a copy of this picture to show her boyfriends when she is old enough to date.

I love his thumbs up.

And you forgot to mention (maybe it's just obvious) that this summer will also include an addition, along with more sweat and tears. ;)