Monday, May 30, 2011

something our grandchildren will be thankful for

i hope you all have a happy memorial day, but more than that, that you all take at least a moment to be thankful for the many sacrifices by countless souls before you who have made these moments possible to enjoy. regardless of your feelings for modern american values or politics; regardless of how proud you are to be an american in an age of huge debt and uncivil discourse; and no matter how hard it may be for you to conjure up much hope for the future, you must still recognize that many lives have been spent (some of them way too prematurely) in the quest of establishing and protecting this great nation. today, in the midst of our continued freedom, we remember them. and we give thanks. and, maybe, just maybe, we ought to make a commitment, as well, to give ourselves towards making this a better place, not just a place where we complain about politics or wish things were "the way they used to be." toegether, we can continue to shape something our grandchildren will be thanksful for.

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