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seeing rainbows

the other night as we were pulling in our driveway after running a few errands, we saw this great arch of color embracing our house.  i grabbed a camera and an umbrella and took a couple of pictures before running through the pouring rain to the church to try and get a few good pics there as well.  i took a ton, but here are a few of the highlights. 

i love the way the rainbow looks like the top of a dome, not allowing the rain to penetrate. 

i ran this one through a photo filter just to emphasize the colors of the rainbow. 

this is the one good picture i got at the church.  the rainbow was in the wrong part of the sky to get a picture with the front of the church, but i thought this one looked pretty.  good.  jack told me we should go up on top of the roof to see if there was a pot of gold up there.  then he said, "that's just a myth, right dad?"

i took this one in front of the church, as the water was dripping off the leaves and flowers.  just thought it looked cool.  the methodist cross and flame, though almost impossible to see, is in the background on this picture. 

the rain was pouring while the sun was low in the sky, which made for a cool effect when the rain reflected the sun's glare.  this was taken right next to the church. 

i love this one.  it is looking down line street in sunbury right by the catawissa avenue umc.  this photo hasn't been photoshopped or touched up at all.  that's just the way the camera saw it, with so much light and strange color.  it reminds me that the world is a magical place, if we look at it through the right lens.  you might see a storm, or you might see some accidental light.  you might see more rain, or you might see a rainbow.  you might see so much brokenness and loss and death, or you might see life bursting forth in so many unexpected places.  you might see yardwork needing to be done, or you might see a bird giving his best carnegie hall rendition of a brahms concerto.  you might see the mundane, or you just might see the magic of a miracle.  depends on how you look.  here's to seeing rainbows. 


That was such an interesting storm - poring rain yet it was sunny. It took a while to see our rainbow but we did see it over sunbury - not quite as strong as yours but it was there. Great pictures.
Greg C said…
julie said…
what a lovely way to start my day - i loved the pics. i'm definitely not as artistic as you (that's a given), but i am always looking for beautiful or interesting moments throughout my day... we are the same in that way. i agree with how you put it... we just have to be looking.

AMAZING PICS! and what jack said? (sniff...)

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