Tuesday, May 10, 2011

our mother's day

i don't know about you, but our mother here at the milinovich home had a good mothers' day, aided in part by the perfect weather we had.  of course it didn't hurt that she was treated very kindly by her two delightful boys.  she loved the video we made her, and she also enjoyed these flower pots which we made for her:

yes, we made mosaics for mommy.  well, the boys glued the tiles onto the flower pots.  i did all the grouting, which was a challenge since they left such large spaces between the tiles, but i thought they turned out pretty nice.  then we filled them with gerber daisies.  i also made shannon this little mosaic container with a lid that comes off:

inside the container was a gift certificate for a pedicure, which is something she's been wanting.  so she was pretty happy with that.  i'm obviously not a master mosaic craftsman, but it was fun to try a new thing, and she was delighted that we took the time to make her some things.  here she is in all her radiant 29-week pregnant glory:

and here are our guys on mothers' day, just enjoying the beautiful spring day:


Mary said...

Nice mosaic pots! I love how interesting they turned out! Also tell Shannon..."nice shirt!" ;)

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Happy Mommy=Happy family! Shannon looks great!

greg. said...

thanks, mary! the one cade made has maine sea glass on it. looks kinda cool.

and i'll pass on the compliments to the glowing wife!