Tuesday, May 31, 2011

new collage: eat

after picking up a big box of old silverware at a yard sale a few weeks back, i've been trying to think of some ways to incorporate it into my art.  and so here is my first attempt.  it is a collage called "eat." 

i took an old piece of art that i found at another yard sale, a long time ago, and flipped it over, so that the back of the canvas would create a natural frame.  then i gessoed the whole thing, and that did a ton of painting to create the look and colors i wanted, a sort of wash from green to blue, speckled with blacks, oranges, yellows, and purples, on a very textured background.  i also collaged the frame part with old food advertisements from the 1940's (from life magazines) and painted over them them as well.  then, i painted the silverware a bit, just to give it some depth and texture, and then affixed it to the canvas using gel medium.  i put a finishing coat on it, and affixed hanging hardware to the back (which used to be the front of another painting) and now it's ready to hang.  i think it may end up in our dining room as a reminder to our kids when they are distracted at the dinner table. 

mixed media assemblage
may, 2011
gregory a. milinovich


julie said...

i like it so much i could eat it!

seriously, it is really really cool. it's one of my favorites!

greg. said...

cool! i'm glad you like it. thanks!