Sunday, May 08, 2011

happy mothers' day, 2011

hey, happy mothers' day to all the moms out there, especially my mom and my wife.  i am beyond blessed to have two such incredible example of a mother's love in my life.  each and every day i witness shannon exerting unbelievable amounts of energy to cook dinners and wipe faces and deal with papers and give baths and kiss boo-boos and play games and teach lessons and on and on and on.  it's amazing to see, and it's a gift to be in this partnership with her. 

as you may remember, each year the kids and i make a little video for shannon on mothers' day (at least we have the last two years!  i guess it's a tradition now.), and you can see the 2009 version here (wow, those kids have changed alot in two years!), and the 2010 version here.  and now, without further ado, here is the 2011 video tribute to the woman of our house.  enjoy. 


julie said...

i put off watching this all day because i KNEW it was going to make me cry like a baby. and it DID! Gee whiz. now i need to go blow my nose... LOVE YOU ALL AND EXCITED TO SEE YOU A BUNCH THIS SUMMER!

greg. said...

haha...sorry to make you cry EVERYTIME I MAKE A STINKING VIDEO! geesh. it's supposed to make you smile, and laugh a little, and maybe say, "awwww...they're cute," but not cry. for goodness' sake.

love you too! it'll be a fun summer!