Wednesday, May 11, 2011

droppin' a quarter

well, i've been waiting until the time felt right to share this here on the blog, and i guess now is as good a time as any.  so here goes.

i moved last summer, do you remember that?  moved to a new town in a new zip code in a new state.  and before that, i was dealing with all the stress of worrying about my pastoral appointment, and where we would go, and what the house would be like, etc.  then we had to start packing up each and every belonging.  while trying to adequately finish up a season of ministry in one place and anticipate and prepare for the beginning of a new one in a new place.  after we moved we needed new licenses and new banks.  all of this added up to an enormous amount of stress for me.  and i tend to deal with stress in the conventional way: grabbing every morsel of unhealthy food i can get my stressed-out paws on, and packing it away into that growing intertube around my midsection.  to put it more clearly and bluntly: i gained a bunch of weight. 

and so this year, when my family decided to do a friendly little game of "biggest loser," i decided i was in.  and i started losing a little weight.  and then, when shannon decided to help me with a workout plan and stricter diet, i jumped in with both feet, not only because i wanted to shed some pounds, but also because i wanted to be healthier.  so, with just over four months in the books, i have officially lost 25 pounds.  it's amazing for me to be able to write that, and it feels good, that i've shed that much weight, and that my health is obviously improving (other than this darn bulging disc, which is more than a minor frustration). 

so, as i celebrate this accomplishment and look forward to continuing the progress, i hope you celebrate with me, and perhaps feel inspired yourself towards doing something that you need to do to perhaps start a new chapter in your life, and improve your health. 


Emoly said...

I almost said something when I saw your pictures from Easter. I could tell that you lost weight! Good for you!! Keep going, even with the injury (well, don't hurt yourself more...) I always seem to get injured and wait it out and then jump back in. It's not always a walk in the park -ha ha (weight loss/exercise/eating healthy) but it does get easier.

And what took me essentially three years to lose took Bill three months... so you've got that going for you as a guy (losing weight faster)

Greg C. said...

Congratulations on! Well done!