Wednesday, April 06, 2011

random: jelly bean ransom note

-i can't emphasize enough how wonderful it is that it's baseball season.  seriously.  there's nothing quite like listening to john sterling call the yankees game on my laptop, while i watch the pirates on tv.  it's almost too good to be true.  plus, the fact that the red sox can't seem to get out of their own way is helping quite a bit, too.  excuse me while i have a moment here:  I LOVE BASEBALL!!!!

-thanks.  i'm back to normal now.

-another thing i love about this time of year?  jelly beans.  but not the fruity ones.  i liked the spiced ones.  you know, the ones where green=spearmint and yellow=clove and red=cinnamon and so on.  love those.  i bought a couple of bags for my candy dish in my office at church, but they disappear so quickly, largely due to the extremely sticky fingers of the two milinovich boys, i suspect.  and so i have a feeling i know who left this ominous note on my desk, which i discovered monday morning: 

-i just read that hines ward will live to dance another week on dancing with the stars.  good for him.  i happened to catch his dance this week, and saw him waving a satin-ish gold towel as if it was a terrible towel.  as much as i want to hate the whole thing, because it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit, i'm also proud of him and his attitude and how he demonstrates to the charlie sheens of the world that you don't need drugs or porn stars for winning.  you go hines! 

-do you want to know what names we're considering for milinovich boy #3?  too bad.  i'm not telling yet. 

-but if you want to make suggestions, knock yourselves out.  you never know...


Emoly said...

I'm sure you heard my suggestion, but I will post it for everyone to see (unless you choose to delete it, which you may)

Samson- then Shannon can grow out his hair and french braid it.

It's not enough letters, I know. That's sad, and why I know it won't be a finalist. But you have to enjoy the thought I put into it. I'll try to think of more...

Mrs. Milinovich said...

We have a certain number of accepted letters? Why didn't I know this? Geez.I take it that 7 is the magic number? Ok. I'm working on it.

greg. said...

no, there is no rule about number of letters. i don't know if there's been a wikileaks security breach or where Emoly is getting her info (ahem...i'm looking at you, shannon), but no such rule exists.

that being said, samson is definitely out.

Emoly said...


yes. I'm certain I got my information from wikileaks... ahem. Or maybe I just made it up. I'm sure you don't adhere to the strict rule of the number seven... Perhaps I made a wild assumption (based on fact).

at least I'm amused...

And I did think of Matthew... it just so happens to have seven letters in it. So does... hm, good luck with that.