Tuesday, April 05, 2011

kids say the darndest things: scabbage and twitterbug

everybody thinks that their kids are cute.  i am no exception.  the only difference is i have a blog and get to put their cuteness on the interwebs from time to time.  here's one for each of them right now:

-last week caedmon fell of had something fall on him or somehow got in an altercation with a big box of legos, which left him with a 3/4 inch scratch on his temple.  of course it scabbed up pretty quick, and, being a little boy, he discovered this hardness on the side of his face.  apparently he has heard the word "scab" before, but couldn't quite remember it, because he told his mother than he had bacon on his face.  she told him what it was really called, and then when i got home i inquired about this.  i asked him if he had bacon on his face earlier.  he chided me, "no daddy, there wasn't bacon on my face.  i was just picking my scabbage." 

that's right....he found a way to mix "scab" and "cabbage" into scabbage.  i don't know about you, but i love it. it's a keeper.  i declare that henceworth all scabs in this house will be exclusively known as scabbages. 

here's a recent pic of the cuteness:

as you may know, i'm on twitter (you can follow me at @gmilinovich), and i have software on my laptop called tweetdeck.  tweetdeck takes the tweets of all the people i follow and about once a minute a small box pops up in the corner of my screen to tell me how many new tweets i have.  yesterday i walked into the room and the boys were both looking at my computer.  when i inquired about what was up, jack replied, "oh, nothing.  somebody just called you on twitterbug but you missed it." 

how cute is that?  twitterbug.  as they discover and experiment with language, it brings me such great joy.  hope you got a smile from it, too.  have a great tuesday.


Craig L. Adams said...

Your kids are cute.

Emoly said...

Twitterbug and scabbage. I love it. We may use those here!

julie said...

I love the words. I also want to reach into my computer and squeeze the poop out of each of them!!!

I miss those cutie pies~

Mrs. Milinovich said...

I love made-up words. The boys get it honest. Their Pappy Milinovich is a master of it!