Friday, April 15, 2011

jesus in juice ahem

here's a picture jack colored in "miss Mary's" sunday school class on sunday.  i was impressed with the coloring ability, and given the timely nature of the subject matter, i thought i would share it today.  sunday, of course, is palm sunday, when Jesus somewhat auspiciously entered jerusalem (or juice-ahem) as cade calls it. 

i believe (as i've written here many times) that God is constantly coming into our lives, in an infinite number of ways.  in the loving touch of my the taste of chocolate the blessing of a good night's the smell of wet hyacinth being warmed in april all of these ways and millions more, God is coming to us. 

but what is our reaction?  do we even notice?  do we hide from God, or ignore God?  do we celebrate the God-moments we are aware of?  and then what?  do we quickly forget?  do we then change our minds a few days later when things don't go our way?  i, for one, want to welcome the King at every possible moment.  it's easier said than done, of course, but it is my ambition, anyway. 

have a blessed palm sunday as you begin your holy week journey. 

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