Friday, April 29, 2011

goodbye, michael scott

well, i was going to write about other things today, but i just can't shake this funk, so all i've got in me is to offer this tearful goodbye to michael scott, america's manager.  the office has been my favorite tv show for years now, and michael's antics, lack of verbal comprehension, and lovable loneliness has been at the center of that.  he has very literally made me laugh until my stomach ached, and made me sniffle, trying to hold in tears while thinking how ridiculous it is that a sitcom about a paper company could make me cry.  i've watched him burn his foot on a george forman grill, throw watermelons off an office building in scranton, and get himself into the most wildly awkward situations imaginable.  and over the course of it, i have come to love him.  and now he will be gone, flying off to colorado to his unknown future, and leaving me with a sad feeling, not just like my sitcom lost its central character, but like i'd lost a friend.  i know it's crazy, but it's how i feel.  i will miss you michael scott. 

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Emoly said...

ahh! I couldn't read your blog until I watched it on the dvr. So here I am finally reading it way past my bedtime. I couldn't agree with you more. stupid tv shows. But I can't help but wonder who the new boss will be. Any guesses?