Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday, 2011

i pray that you have a very full good friday: full of an attentive awareness of God's amazing love for all of us...and for you.  don't - DO NOT - let this day slip by without recognizing that the pain and agony of the Christ is all about love.  love that's stronger than death.  love that's wilder than we can imagine.  love that's deeper than we can realize.  love that's unbelievable.  and yet i pray that today, you might believe in it a little more.  you are loved.

***update:  i have put all of my lenten collages into a small devotional booklet of seven devotions (one for each collage/week of lent).  it is intended as a tool for thoughtful prayer and reflection during the next couple of days.  it is just some thoughts and questions and then a prayer for each collage.  if you remember, each collage was dealing with an event during the last day of Christ's life, so it is very apropos right now.  if you would like me to email you a copy that you can use or forward to others or whatever, just email me at gregorymilinovich at yahoo dot com.  i will be happy to send it out asap for you. 

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Back at you brother.