Friday, April 08, 2011

explosions in the sky

i don't get to concerts too often.  it's not that i wouldn't like to; i love live music.  it's just that, with kids, and ticket prices, and babysitter prices, it becomes a bit unrealistic.  so, we don't get to too many concerts. 

which is why i'm all the more excited about where i am going tonight.  i'll be meeting my brother in law in pittsburgh to see the band explosions in the sky (as you can see from the concert poster i designed above). explosions in the sky is considered by many to be a "post-rock" band, which is another way of saying that they represent something beyond the typical beatles-wannabe 4 piece power pop rock and roll band. they themselves have denied the "post-rock" categorization, but they nonetheless are certainly pushing the boundaries of what rock and roll sounds like. 

you may have heard their music without even realizing it, because if you ever watched this movie:

then you've heard their music since they composed and performed the soundtrack.  you may have also heard their song "first breath after coma" in a variety of shows and commercials. 

an explosions in the sky song is an opus, often an epic sweeping adventure full of broad dynamics.  one song with only guitars and drums (their music is all instrumental) can make you feel both the desperation of a soul trapped in some sort of bondage and the incredible exhilaration of freedom from that bondage.  it is real and gritty and hopeful, and wide open for your own interpretation.  i can't wait to see what their live show is like, but if you have a few moments and you want to check out their music, i offer the following videos (with a warning that their songs are usually lengthy). 

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greg. said...

set list

1.The Only Moment We Were Alone
2.Welcome, Ghosts
3.Your Hand in Mine
4.Last Known Surroundings
5.The Birth and Death of the Day
6.Postcard from 1952
7.Catastrophe and the Cure
8.Let Me Back In
9.Greet Death