Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dying eggs

this bunny was in our back yard yesterday, and just sat there motionless for some time, as if he was here for easter, and realized that he was still several days early and had nowhere else to go.  i thought i'd snap a picture of the little furball just sitting there in his spring green easter grass. 

so, with our easter muse in full effect, we decided to dye easter eggs tonight.  this is always a fun family event, complete with stained hands and furniture and clothes and well, anything else within a 15-foot radius.  but the kids love it (and i absolutely include myself in that group), and we always try and make some interesting ones.  here is the visual proof of the experience:


Emoly said...

oh dyeing eggs...!

I think I got confused. I dyed my hair. Now I'm an Easter egg. :)

Gregory said...

well, technically, these were "dead" eggs, not so much dying ones. but you got the point. at one point jack stopped dead in his tracks and said, "wait! chicks would have come from these eggs?"

dying eggs.
a little pun for your wednesday morning pleasure.

Emoly said...

so the funny part about that is I totally missed your title. Yup, read right past it. I was talking about my hair (which was my profile, but I changed for today for Bill's birthday but you can see on my blog on yesterdays post). Maybe this dye did something to my brain... And if you got my point before I brought it up then you are smarter than I!

I get it now. Dying eggs.

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Looks like tons of fun! I remember all the years of dyeing (not dying) eggs; those were great times. I can still smell the hot vinegar mixture. Love the Yankees Yegg (I mean egg).

greg. said...

yeah, mom, our house smelled like vinegar still the next morning. glad you liked the yankee egg. i had fun with that one!