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top o' the mornin' to ya!

 top o' the marnin' to ya, friends!  and a happy st. patrick's day, too!

should be a fun one in our house.  shannon is making it look like some leprecauns have played some tricks on us (turning things backwards and upside down in our house), and she's making them all sorts of green food for breakfast and lunch, and then corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  if i get a chance, i'll post a pic of the boys in their green later today.   do you have any fun st. patrick's day traditions? 

***update*** here is a picture, as promised:

this is a picture that jack drew of his friend peter.  we're about to send them a package, and so shannon asked him to draw a picture for peter, so he drew this picture of peter.  and i just thought it was so cute that i had to share it with you. 

in case you're wondering about the quality of my blog these last few days, you need to understand that our church has regualar sunday services all through lent, of course, but adds to that wednesday night services with a full service in which i preach.  so i'm planning two full sermons and liturgies each week.  i'm not complaining, because it's certainly rewarding, but i'm just saying that some of my time has to be redistributed to make this happen. 

last night we had a great worship service, as we are doing a 5-week series called "the five seasons of Lent," and we started with the ability to see.  we used John 9 as our text, when jesus heals the blind man with spit and mud, and tells the pharisees that they are blind.  we discussed how we, too, might be blind, both by being too busy to see God in our midst, and also because we've predetermined what we need to see, so we miss the new thing God is doing.  i challenged each of us to consider how we might be blind this Lent, and how, if Jesus touched our eyes, we might better see.  i know that i, for one, don't want to be like the pharisees who thought that they had already seen all the truth they needed to see.  i want to continually ask God to open my eyes, that i might keep seeing and keep learning and keep growing. 

and noow some irish music: get to heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead!  by the electrics.  fun stuff.


Emoly said…
so... I don't know if you read my blog while we were in Nashville, but one of the places we "worked" was at the Siloam Center; a health Center for the uninsured. They discriminate and only hire Christians.

Our "task" that day was to pray. After touring the facility, we had access to all of it. What a powerful way to make an impact but to pray over the doctors, nurses, administrators, interpreters and patients. I bring this up because of the Bible passage you referenced in John 9; Jesus tells the blind man to go and wash in the Pool of Siloam (which is where they took their name from - just in case that wasn't obvious). Before visiting this center, I never gave the place a second thought (or even a first thought). Now I will be reminded of the experience of praying whenever I hear this story!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!
Gregory said…
interesting. and siloam means "sent." just as a bit of information.

thanks for stopping by today. i lift a pint of guinness to yer good health!
Mary said…
on of my students told me that they set traps around the house for Leprecauns. He told me this morning that he didnt catch one, but there was "evidence" he'd been there and he even left them a couple pieces of gold. :o) So sweet!
Emoly said…
ooh, thanks for the info! They may have told us that, but I didn't remember it.

Bill will appreciate the toast (he gave up drinking for Lent).

I just wear green (I forgot to tell you what we do for St. Patrick's day).
Crafty P said…
Love that we celebrated, similarly! great pic of you and the boys.

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