Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday song: lovers in japan

as i thought about what song to post for my saturday song today, i kept coming back to japan.  i just can't imagine (or shake the haunting need to try to imagine) facing the literal mountains of debris and broken bits of everyday life, not to mention the insurmountable levels of grief.  it just seems so overwhelming and crushing. 

and yet, there is hope, still.  i have been amazed at the resolve i have seen in the people of japan over these weeks, and i was reminded of this song by coldplay called 'lovers in japan.'  i'm sure it was never intended to be about this type of thing, but it does have a very hopeful message, which is appropriate enough.  i've included this version of the video below simply because it has the lyrics, and the official video made by coldplay can't be embedded into my blog.  the song is about 4 minutes long, and then is followed by another song of theirs called 'reign of love.'  both of these are from their viva la vida album.  enjoy, and don't stop praying for the people of japan. 

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