Saturday, March 12, 2011

saturday song: broken things

on this saturday, i'm still thinking about brokenness.  it's a pretty common theme for me, as living in a house with two young boys inevitably leads to all sorts of broken toys.  brokenness is a regular part of daily life. 

and it's not just toys, is it? 

with ash wednesday, brokenness is a huge theme, at least for me, and i embrace the opportunity to talk openly about our own brokenness. 

and then i wake up yesterday to discover that the earth has made a very public and deadly demonstration of its own brokenness in japan.  and my heart breaks along with it.  and sometimes, to be perfectly honest, the breaking and the wreckage seems like more than i can possibly withstand.  i simply can't stand it.  in the deepest part of me, i desire wholeness, not just for me, but for everyone - for the world itself.  and i believe (help my unbelief) that brokenness is not the end of the story. 

so, with a hope for redemption, i share this song with you today.  it's originally by julie miller, but here it's being sung by juliet turner, an artist from northern ireland who performed this song after the omagh bombing.  it is about how God willingly receives us in our brokenness, if we would make ourselves such a gift. 

my heart hurts for the people of japan.  hang in there, friends.  even in all the disastrous brokenness, may you sense the hope of a redeeming God. 

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