Thursday, March 31, 2011

opening day 2011

well, it's finally here.  opening day.  the day in which chaos hovered over the sports world, but God looked at it and said, "let us bring forth the diamond and we will separate the diamond from the expanse of the stands by a fence."  and continued, saying, "let us fill the diamond with the sound of ash wood cracking, with the smell of leather, grass and hot dogs, and let the foul lines be straight, and let home runs fill the air."  all the grass was made greener than the greatest emeralds, and the sound of stadium organs echoed through the fullness thereof.  And God looked at all that was made, called it good, and said in a most authoritative voice, "PLAY BALL!!!!" 

oh man do i love me some baseball.  the fact that its beginning coincides with all the joy of spring and resurrection hope is no mere coincidence.  baseball is a sort of resurrection, mirroring the seasons with its great march through summer and then it's autumnal fall each october, before it lies dormant like some bulb just waiting for spring to burst forth again.  and here it is, bursting out with all the sounds and smells and sights and stats that make it so magical.   at the end of this day, and for many many days to come, i will become a devout reader of that great genre of literature known as the box score.  i will study pitchers' lines, and argue managerial moves.  i will chart wins and losses and averages all through the summer, and i will spend more than a few nights dreaming about coming up to bat in a big spot with runners on base.  and it all starts right here, right now. 

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Emoly said...

God must have been a Cubs fan to have that renewed sense of hope for every season... one would have to