Thursday, March 10, 2011

one hot mama (and the alien inside her)

i thought we were done with this garbage. on sunday as they were predicting a great deal of rain through the day and into monday, i even said, "at least you don't have to shovel rain!"

ha! i saw the forecast on sunday had said that we might have some snow mixed in with the rain on sunday evening, with some possible light accumulation. fine. i didn't like it, as i'm so over snow this year, but i can deal with a light dusting that will quickly melt. but instead of "possible accumulation," i woke up to this:

really, nature? really? you felt it was necessary to dump ten inches of surprise on our heads, like some great snowy pinata? why? (i'm shaking my fists at the sky here, but it's not listening).


as i've already written this week, shannon had an ultrasound on monday (after i shoveled 75 inches of snow off of the driveway), and i thought you might want to see a couple pics of the handsome little guy:


and while he is about as visually attractive as an alien with delusions of world-domination, his mother is smokin' hot. see what i mean?

how do you type a whistle?  she's 2o weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing! 


we had an awesome ash wednesday service last night at catawissa avenue umc. i am just always so moved by the experience of naming and owning my own brokenness. as a community of faith, it can have some profoundly powerful consequences if we own up to our sinfulness and our inability to do all this on our own. when we start to realize our own frailty and patterns of bad behavior, we finally open ourselves to God's grace and some amazing new things that God can do among us. there can be some incredible hope in this faith of ours, and indescribable glory. but it has to start in brokenness. and so lent begins. i pray yours is holy and meaningful.

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